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Magneto-quantum products, applied Romanian inventions

The products, awarded with gold and silver medals at the world’s leading Invention Salons, are at your fingertips. We invite you to explore in detail both the products available for sale and the opinions of consumers.

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Ioan Davidoni si Ciprian Davidoni

   Who we are

About us

The inventor Ioan Davidoni introduces you a curriculum vitae intended for all of you who want to know better the man who has dedicated his entire career to innovation.

Eternal idealist, Ioan Davidoni strives to provide people with solutions for a better life.

Led by Ciprian Davidoni, S.C. Davidoni-Invent S.R.L. was set up in 2003 to make the inventor’s ideas accessible to the public.

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   What our customers say

Silvana S. – Timișoara

“With the Magnetic Energizing Mask just a few minutes after application, a deep well-being is achieved, the muscles relax, the heartbeat becomes regular, the breathing becomes easier, the problems of the swollen sinuses improve. If we also take into account the facial lifting, the effect is guaranteed. An exceptional product! I recommend it!”

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   Medals and diplomas

Award-winning Romanian inventions

Over the years, academician inventor Ioan Davidoni together with his son, Ciprian Davidoni, has participated in international and international fairs, exhibitions and competitions, where prizes, diplomas and medals and recognition have been won for all inventive activity.

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   Patents and inventions

Practical solutions attested

Throughout his life, inventor Ioan Davidoni has developed a myriad of inventions, innovations and inventive technical solutions.

They are kept in a clear record, supported by patents, innovation certificates, finding documents, articles in technical magazines, photographs and filming.

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