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Magnetic bra – magnetic modules  ®


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Effects & applications

Conclusions of trials conducted over 3 years:

  • Medical office Timisoara
    – Davidoni modules, in 10 minutes climb the patient’s energy 6 times
    – applied in the bra, prophylactically, reduces the risk of making a breast disease by 90%
    – applied in the bra in the case of illness, helps the treatment in 60% of cases
  • Biorezonance Cabinet Cluj-Napoca
    – Davidoni modules maintain the energy level in patients who work in environments with electromagnetic radiation
    – improves the quality of life, increases human performance, assures well-being
  • Clinical hospital Sighetul Marmatiei, tests 2012-2014
    – in breast diseases, 7 cm tumor, after the module application, the tumor was reduced by 2 cm in 3 months of wearing the modules
    – in cervical diseases, ovaries, by applying the Davidoni type modules after 3 months the size of the inflamed cervix was reduced to half
    – in uterine fibromatosis, by applying the Davidoni Type Modules, has dropped in size altogether


  • Dimensions: 7 cm in diameter/module. Weight: 6-8 gr/module.
  • Composition: There are magnetic elements with a wide spectrum of frequencies, 3 groups of precious and semiprecious stones, noble metals-gold, silver, special vibrations of high vibration. The composition has 12 ingredients, established by info-energy measurements and practical testing of products on patients in several medical offices in the country. It is the most ideal composition known today and is patented in Romania.
  • Patent Invention no.: 127498
  • This invention does not make a diagnosis and does not replace doctor’s recommendations!
  • Made by S.C. Davidoni – Invent SRL Davidoni – Magnetic Products (Registered Trademark)

Product description

Gemstones and semiprecious stones are spectacles of matter, and by setting the resonance levels of all the ingredients in the composition – Mendeleev’s table by the same infoenergetic measurements has been established – led to a celebration of matter, able to form its own natural energy field which resonates with the human energetic field, stimulating it to climb to aura levels – green-blue. In many cases, patients have reached a purple aura level of 5-7m.

Note that from the green aura up there are no diseases. The population of Asian countries has green aura through early-life energetic maintenance exercises and energetic tutoring from masters. They do not know our illnesses.

Electromagnetic pollution, especially in recent decades, which has increased 400 million times over 1900, accounts for 40% of the pollution from the Earth, radioactive pollution -30%, pollution from fossil fuel burning -20%, electricity transport -7 %, volcanic eruptions -3%, contributed to the degradation of the Planetary Vital Energy, with repercussions on man, fauna, vegetation.

Until now, only 50 years ago, the human aura has dropped from the initial green color and the 3m size in red, with three vibrational levels below and a medium-sized aura of 40-50cm.

At these values, fatigue prevails in people, serious illnesses occur at lower ages.

The situation of breast diseases and reproductive apparatus in women has reached alarming thresholds. In Romania, 3,000 youngsters are breastfeeding annually, and another 6,000 are diagnosed annually with this disease.

In Europe, the situation is just as serious. Every 4 minutes a woman is sick of breast disease. The percentage is similar for the reproductive system diseases – uterus, cervix, ovaries, etc.

With solid knowledge of energetic-vibrational medicine, Tibetan and Oriental medicine and specific aura measuring instruments, 40 years since the first courses in the field with Japanese teachers and dozens of seminars later made with other masons, including Tibet, I have been able to measure and observe people’s health and the degradation of the energy balance of the past decades, which has led to my decision to do something to bring the body back to its original values, overcoming the effects of pollution.

Gradually in the last 20 years, we have made ever-performing inventions with safe and elegant effects for energy rebalancing and raising the level of aura with three vibrational steps of man, through special magnetic elements, micro vibrations, high frequency and vibration gems , respectively 40-60 Ghz and blue-violet aura, noble metals-gold, silver and other special items.

And so, many inventions have appeared: Antistress Insoles – 1993, Vibrator Bra – 2000, Multicompozit Octagrama – 2007, Quantum Amplifier – 2009 and other inventions in this area.


  • Wear the modules in the bra.
  • The disease of breast, uterus, cervix, women and prostate in men is set at 3 years after energy in the bladder meridian decreases to about 10%. It is the longest energetic meridian of man – it starts from the corner of the eyes, the base of the nose, over the head, a secondary branch passes through the brain, even if in the manual is not specified this in practice is found this, descends beside the column in a branch of the 2/2 branches, passes through the L3 L4, L5 lumbar vertebra, the decisive point in maintaining the energy of the kidneys and urinary bladder due to the negative strands collected from the environment that can disturb the positive strings here, far behind the toes to the small fingers where the kidney meridian feeds, which climbs through the bladder and kidneys to the base of the tongue. The bladder meridian has 67 acupuncture points.
  • The use of Davidoni Types, both prophylactic and adjuvant in the illness, starts with the stimulation and balancing of the bladder meridian – for 7 days a fixed module is placed on the bladder in the pubic area and the second module is held in the area lumbar to cancel the negative strings and amplify the vortex that brings energy to the kidneys and the bladder meridian.
  • After 7 days, the Davidoni type modules are placed in the cups of the bra for 40 days during the day. It is still used, worn in the pocket, purse. They have action over a range of 3-4m. They have the color of aura purple.
  • The cycle of use can be resumed, including prophylactic. For uterine diseases apply to the lower abdomen in cycles of 40 days.

We’re proud of

Customer Reviews

  •    Sorin A. IașiRespect and respect for the Davidoni team! We warmly recommend all the quantum products invented by Mr. Davidoni. Some time ago, I did not see myself writing such a review, but, after the practical experiences of my boy and his wife, I became a Davidoni fan! The boy has an allergy to gluten and E’s and to ambrosia and other pollen and has been aided by the Magnetic Mask (applied on both face and abdomen). The wife, from 8-10 cm (huge) diameter of a knot in her breast, in 3 months of use of Magnetic Bra , now has 3-4 cm (and this without other treatments, only predominantly vegetarian diet ). Personally I have also used Antistress insoles with remarkable results in stimulating the microcirculation in the legs but also in the whole body, including the general energetic and mental state. The latest acquisition is also the strongest – Quantum Pyramid – which made its presence felt even when it was in its box. Thanks for the innovations and efforts of Davidoni team!
  •    Marina K.We purchased the magnetic bra 3 months ago while we wore it continuously in the lower and lower abdomen. During this period, we found the reduction of the amount and the clots in the menstruation, the decrease of the pain, the increase in resistance to inflammation of uro-genital infections. I want to ask the following: Are cycles of 40 days important or can they always be worn? for pause days, if any, do not wear at all or get in the bag? If alternative wearing in the genital area and breasts is recommended for a certain period, the frequency? For the sensitive uro-genital area and breast nodules you can wear 2 pairs: one pair in the bra and one in the underwear? Answer Davidoni: Thank you very much for your confidence in our products and that you have shared what you have felt and found about the effect of the Brainstorms in the Sutien MNagnetic! After the 7 day + 40 days cycle, the vibration modules can be held in a foil, in the bag, or around the day during the day. It is sufficient to wear a full cycle per year using a single set. Once a year it is advisable to keep it for 30 minutes in the sun. Due to the three groups of precious and semi-precious stones in the complex quantum composition of our products, an energetic purification is done. This purification, taking our products to the Sun, 30 min applies to all Davidoni quantum products.
  •    Liliana R.PloieștiToday I did the breast ultrasound, which I do every year and there is no trace of the nodules I had a few centimeters. I wore your products. Thank you for being!
  •    Emilia M.SibiuI’ve ordered breast cancer modules from you. I want to thank you for the soul! I did as you said. On July 11, I do forty days since I’ve been wearing them, although on July 2 I do the third chemotherapy. I want to let you know that my nodules have been withdrawn. I want to thank you for your help. I’ve been happy to recommend you to some of my colleagues with chemotherapy. You are the miracles of the desperate people who are struggling with this ugly disease. I thank you wholeheartedly and I will keep you abreast of everything that will follow. Thank you a thousand times!
  •    Eolenil B.comment from the Adevărul newspaper June 20, 2019I am amazed how some think that making a comment means licking and denigrating, and if they are suggesting a lucid and common-sense discussion, based on arguments and experience, they just continue to make a laugh with awe of superiority. As has been said, they are probably just professional commentators. I’m glad that Mr. Davidoni Ciprian took the position in this situation. Iovita Teodor revealed some of the extraordinary effects of DAVIDONI devices. I can also say that I have benefited from the qualities of Davidoni devices or have met people who have had surprising beneficial results. I can say that we have benefited from the deep relaxation and regeneration effect of the Davidoni mask, the energy and protection that the multicomponent octagram offers, the protection of the mobile phone anti-radiation screen. Some of my knowledge also had great results with Davidoni devices. Thus, a friend used the magnetic fertilizer for a lemon that he grew in pots and which never even bloomed. Since the first year she has made so many flowers and then fruit (lemons) that they hardly supported the twisted branches of weight, the lemons that had grown. A friend who used the magnetic bra healed the cystitis (due to the fact that during the first week, the two modules are carried in the bladder and the other in the lumbar region, for the dynamics of the urinary bladder meridian, then the two modules are carried for 40 days in the bra’s cups) and a few centimeters in the breast area completely resorbed. There are many examples and even more spectacular, but we can not post all here. The idea is that all Davidoni devices are patented at OSIM and therefore verified by the competent authorities and awarded at national and international inventions competitions, so they have received this kind of international recognition, in addition to those revealed by us. Iovita Teodor. I also thank John and Ciprian Davidoni for the practical devices they provide us and wish them to receive much health and creativity, still from God, because they deserve it.