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Magnetic Collar – Leather  ®


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Effects & applications

The magnetic collar is a magnetic force with the effect of increasing the Energy Quantum of the human body. It has been tested in Acupuncture and Bioenergy clinics on patients and volunteers.

The effects found are: relieving sore throat, spondylosis and teeth; stimulation of the thyroid gland; improving breathing; wrinkles at the neck; increasing the human energy field by 40%; relieving fatigue; stimulation of vision.

  • Observation note


  • Dimensions: width: 5cm, length: 50cm.
  • Magnetic tape dimensions: width: 3.5cm, length: 40cm.
  • Composition: It contains a polyvinyl expanded film with bivalent elements, with superior magnetic properties and light magnetic load, 3 groups of precious and semiprecious stones, noble metals, special oxides.
  • The product complies with the Compliance Act Nr. 004/09.10.2005.
  • This invention does not make a diagnosis and does not replace doctor’s recommendations!
  • Made by S.C. Davidoni – Invent SRL Davidoni – Magnetic Products (Registered Trademark)

Product description

There are over 120 acupuncture points and 12 meridians in the neck that are related to the organs and organ systems of the body. Stimulating these points through massage, acupuncture, electropuncture, magnetism and bioenergetic emission, heals and improves many of the human diseases.

The magnetic collar is designed to stimulate these acupuncture points through the magnetic field. The material from which it was made was awarded at the Geneva Investment Salon in 2005 with the Golden Medal.

The novelty of the invention lies in the fact that, by means of energy-energy measurements, the inventor has established an optimal concentration of resonance of the micromagnetic particles inserted into the expanded polyvinyl material, which gently acts on bioelectric micro fields in the acupuncture points and in the human body generated by the 400 million cosmic particles and tellurium (these represent 20% of the energies that pass through the human body and are called secondary energies of tension and 80% is the Primordial Fluid that is unquantifiable and depends on the virtues of the individual) that pass through the human body every hour, particles of 1000 frequency spectrum, largely disturbed by 50% earth-magnetic field decline in the last century as a result of ozone pollution and damage.


  • Apply to the throat for 30 minutes.
  • We recommend the use of the product by a single person and the non-borrowing of this product to someone other than family members, provided it is kept for 30 minutes in the sun. Davidoni products are energy products and require energy cleaning by exposure to the sun, at least once a year. Products contain semiprecious stones and special crystals that require sun exposure purification.

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Customer Reviews

  •    Ileana O.ManaștiurFor years I have suffered from spondylosis pain. The magnetic collar relieves my pain and after using it I have a more restful sleep. Thank you.
  •    Daniela B.ElvețiaMr Davidoni, I wanted to write to you for a long time and to thank you. We bought almost all of your products last summer. I am very pleased. Magnetic Belt is great! I had pains in the middle, my back, my pains. Magnetic collar placed on my knees or on the throat I put on my neck and passed my shoulder and back pain. I think I had spondylosis. My daughter sleeps with the collar at the throat when it coughs or hurts its neck and passes it. And this has happened several times. My husband put on his knee that he had a ski accident, had to go in the stroller for three months and had great pains. I told him to wear it, but he did not believe me, he did not believe in it, but he convinced himself that he had gone through it and his knee did not hurt him anymore. Thank you and I congratulate you on everything you invented.