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Effects & applications

Multicomponent magnetic fertilizer strengthens the magnetic and energetic field around plants and is for agriculture for both grain and viticulture crops, fruit shrubs, fruit growing, vegetables, and flower growing. It is environmentally friendly, cheap and efficient.

By consuming the fruits with magnetic fertilizer it was found the human balance through the energetic regeneration of the organs.

The grapes have been considerably reduced by the raking of the grains, to the trees attacked by the caterpillars, and in 2-3 days they have disappeared, by increasing the tree defense system stimulated by the magnetic fertilizer.

The grain was obtained from 12-14 cm wheat spelled with 40-50 grains of spice, considered the largest wheat spice in the world
, compared to the 7-9 cm control with 28-35 berries on spice. In corn without irrigation, roasting or auxiliary fertilizer, a gain of 30-40% / cobs was obtained. In the alfalfa, an increase and density of over 30% was observed.

Vegetable crops – tomatoes, peppers, onions, potatoes – saw a 30% production increase (Curtici area). In the growing season, the month of May the plants increased by 2-2.5 cm / day as compared to 1-1.5 cm / day in the control plants.

To wilted plants and flowers, they came back in a few days. The flowering of the flowering process is kept 2-3 months, compared to 2-3 weeks in the control flowers (tests at SC Hofigal Bucharest and Timisoara).

The pests (mice, crows) have not attacked crops like the witness batches.

In the desertification areas (Slatina area), by application of magnetic fertilizer on the soil, after rain or irrigation, the soil has kept its humidity for 3 days, compared to the blank field, which after 2-3 hours was dry.

The magnetic fertilizer manages to harmonize the molecular structure of the soil. Applied to drinking water wells, gutters and water pipes by adapting the magnetic fertilizer into plastic boxes or bags in them (CCA 100 -200 gr) has hexagonally restructured water molecules, raised the vibrational water level to indigo , animal benefit being visible, 20% increase, improved milk taste, miraculous healing of diseased animals; is also applicable to poultry farms.

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  • Composition: The fertilizer contains magnetic elements with a wide spectrum of frequency, paramagnetic elements, semiprecious stones, special oxides and fasteners. Each granule is a quantum micro amplifier.
  • Produs omologat C.B.I. – OSIM – A/00496/ 14-07-2007, CBI A/00920 /10.12.2009
  • Made by S.C. Davidoni – Invent SRL Davidoni – Magnetic Products (Registered Trademark)

Product description

The multicomponent magnetic fertilizer is totally nonsense. It does not dissolve in the earth. It is a product that works in the energy spectrum of plants. Approximately 80 cm (blue-indigo) plasma globule is formed around a magnetic fertilizer granule, with the ability to reduce radioactivity in the soil and around plants by 40%.

Plants having the red aura – orange, 50 years ago were blue aura, and the radioactive elements have a gray aura. Higher aura infusion releases stress plants, returning to the original aura.

The increase of up to 1400% of terpinolens, 800% of the occurrences, 1200% of fruit debris (living compounds that prolong human life), anthocyanins – 30% vitamin complex with positive effect on human vision (tests on plantations and laboratories SC Hofigal – Bucharest, USAMV Timisoara, Institute of Analytical Instrumentation Cluj, Quantmed Cluj), increase the sugars by 30% on fruits, the fruit taste and smell reappears at the initial level several decades ago.

Magnetic fertilizer

Magnetic fertilizer is part of the range of inventions for Planetary Medicine. Climate change in the last decades is visible and requires urgent measures to counteract the effects of pollution: electromagnetic (this has increased 400 million times over 1900, the growth rate has been over the past two decades, with the development of mobile telephony, GSM antennas) combustion, etc., with negative effects on the plasma (aura), the plant, the fruit and even the human body. The plasma body plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance of minerals, vitamins and living compounds (terpinene, honey, etc.) of the fruit.

As a first example, the iron concentration / 100 gr spinach 50 years ago was 150 mg. Actual, due to pollution, 100 grams of spinach has 2 milligrams of iron. The invention has been achieved by the inventor John Davidoni after decades of experimentation having an experience of 40 years in medicine, Tibetan and 33 years of experience in the industrial metrology, with more than 1,000 technical solutions – inventive in which 350 made virtually the innovation, invention and technical solutions.

More about the magnetic fertilizer can be found in the article below.

The qualities of magnetic fertilizer, confirmed by analyzes

The inventor of the magnetic fertilizer, Tomisan Ioan Davidoni, told AGERPRES on Monday that last week, the Laboratories of the Chemistry Institute in Cluj confirmed the ability to regenerate the cells and regulate the functions of the diseased organs in the bodies that consumed redcurrants grown in soils treated with magnetic fertilizer.

He says that the studies were performed with the latest generation equipment, respectively, with gas chromatograph, spectrophotometer and spectrometer.

“These currant fruits have been subjected to analyzes, and it has been found that it regenerates the cell and energises the diseased organs of the body if they are ingested. Until now, it was not known how it works” said Davidoni.

According to the inventor, four samples were carried out: on fruits treated with magnetic fertilizer, magnetic octagon placed in shrub bushes, multicomponent fertilizer fertilizers, and non-fertilized fruit. “It is known that because of the high radioactivity in the environment, the iron concentration has fallen to all fruits and plants. For spinach, for example, it has fallen from 150 mg / kg to 2 mg / kg over the last 40 years. In currant, fruit without fertilizer had 9 mg / kg, and fertilizer-treated increased by 60% to 15 mg / kg”, Davidoni explained.

He mentions the fact that twenty measurements were made, reminding them of the most important ones: volatile chemicals (volatile chemicals from the smell and taste of the fruit), which increased from 100 mg / kg to 1,200 mg / kg , the terpines (fruit smell) increased from 100 mg / kg to 1,398 mg / kg and meta-felandrenes, which increased from 100 mg to 1,129 mg / kg.

“All specialists said they were living compounds that ensure the regeneration of the body and the rejuvenation of human organic cells”, said “the man with ideas.”

Ioan Davidoni argues that if Romania sells the licenses of local inventors, the country would pay off its debts within a year. The inventor of Timisoara, distinguished with numerous gold and silver medals at the International Inventions Salons in Brussels, Geneva, Hanover or Zagreb, has a theory on which he bases his claims.

“There are over 300 states in the world, half of them could buy the magnetic fertilizer, because each country has a small agricultural area. A license is sold with amounts ranging between 40 and 500 million euros. the magnetic fertilizer could be sold to about 200 states, even at the lowest price, respectively, to 40 million euros license. in addition, the domestic market could be marketed, even in detail, per kilogram, because everybody has a flower at home, “said John Davidoni.

Although the fruits of his intelligence are recognized in the world, Davidoni considers himself ignored in the country by people who – he says – either do not understand the importance of his discoveries or do not want to get involved.

Now, the inventor of Fagget has ordered to make five tons of magnetic fertilizer for vineyards of an Austrian businessman and a 17.5 tons one that he wants to buy an entrepreneur from Bacau. John Davidoni began studying this organic fertilizer in 2006, experimenting with the three types of fertilizer (crystalline, liquid and multicomponent granules).

He argues that vegetables and fruits grown in soils treated with such generic “magnetic” fertilizers are not harmful to the human body because they contain nothing toxic, the purity of the elements inside is 98% natural elements, a much higher percentage superior to the meteoric stone, which has only 57% purity – and what is the active element that oscillates on this fertilizer.

“The results of the analyzes in Cluj are a confirmation of my theories, which bring not only moral gratification, but also the right to put it in trade, as well as the power and the force to persuade the population to use this fertilizer. There are a few countries who have just heard of my fertilizer, and in 30 days they have put it into production, “the inventor points out.

The fact that there is not much value in the country for this invention is interpreted by John Davidoni, first of all, that a lack of national consciousness and remarked that this is only happening to us: “a man who is medalist at Salons International Inventions to be disregarded in their own country. To devour, so thirsty and zealous values. “

“There is legislation in all countries of the world against the prevention of the activity of an inventor in any form whatsoever as an anti-national act. in Romania, there is no legislation to protect the inventors against jackals thoroughly, “says the inventor electronist, disappointed.

Davidoni paid his own pockets of experiments, the first sponsorship of which he received for the 9 million-dollar organic fertilizer from a private company.


  • The fertilizer has an effect on the soil for a period of 7 years.
  • It is applied by spreading on the surface of the soil in a manner similar to the manual sowing of the wheat. The required quantity is 10 kg / ha.
  • The trees are applied to the covering surface of the canopy, respecting the surface per 1 ha and about 20-30 gr. (One spoon) of fertilizer on a 8 m crown.
  • For flower pots, apply 5-6 beads per 1kg pot of soil; at the rectangular terrace pots, 20-30 grains.
  • It can be applied at any time of the year.

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Customer Reviews

  •    Mariana T.I received the package, I already use the products. I’m delighted, the flower pots are already benefiting from the energy boost of Magnetic Fertilizer . Thank you very much! Success in this noble activity! God help you awaken this people! Long and prosperous life!
  •    Mircea T.(Facebook)I bought many of the products invented by Mr. Davidoni. I am very pleased. We also bought Magnetic Fertilizer , it’s fantastic! I can not wait to buy the Quantum Pyramid. All respect for the Davidoni family!
  •    Florentina A.AradI found you sure at the right time (nothing is happening, I know that) through the radio station – Timisoara, one morning in April 2016. From the moment I heard with my husband about you, I they were convinced that everything you do is beneficial and, in fact, what we are looking for without knowing it … We already have the energizing mask, magnetic octagons, magnetic fertilizer for plants, and the anti-radar screen. mobile phones. Thank God for the gift He made to us through you, and I wish you strength, health and gratitude so that we can continue to work for our good for all!
  •    Nenad S.TimișoaraI’m Nenad S. Lucian, I still want to write to you, but all the time there was something. A few months ago I bought the magnetic fertilizer from me, I mean it’s great, I’m sorry I did not buy earlier, but I think it all happens for a purpose and at the right time . I have spread fertilizer to the fruit trees (to the trees and the ivy that I have put twice), through the garden, the trees of the street, the flowers and the grass in front of the house. The first effect I saw in the flowers and ivy, the flowers grew green, the green greens turned green, then the ivy from leaves approx. 2cm as they have so far, have grown as much as the palm, unbelievably. I also gave my grandparents, scattered in the garden and they noticed how much rose spinach, sea and an intense green, extraordinary taste, also observed the flowers are healthier. The tomatoes in the garden are much larger than in the neighbors, the onions like the fist, it’s so nice to see how everything grows with their eyes. I’ll stop here, the idea is that all of your products have an effect, I’m very excited that the inventor is Romanian and I’m proud of that. Another product is the quantum enhancer that reduces consumption and can say that at least once a month they make a 400 km road the same day, I can say it’s a pleasure to drive, I’m not so tired when I get home. With the amplifier and so it consumes little but I tried a different type of economist and in combination with your economist is extraordinary, we made a test a few months ago on a 400 km road and went out a consumption of 3.7 l / 100 km awesome, the car is a diesel. I wish you much health, happiness and fulfillment in everything you do to the whole family. With esteem and respect, Nenad S.
  •    J.L.Movileni de TecuciI bought the Magnetic Fertilizer from you last year. You said you failed to test the pepper culture. We managed to do it. On the lot where I gave Magnetic Fertilizer I had 415 grams of pepper, and on the control lot, without fertilizer, I had paprika that three pieces had 350 grams. We are very pleased, I said to all our neighbors, and now we want to order a few kg.
  •    Adrian M.Melbourne, AustraliaMr. Davidoni, I watched Youtube show with Mr. General Emil Strainu, for whom I have a great admiration, his show is great. The Magnetic fertilizer is a fantastic idea and invention!
  •    Eolenil B.comment from the Adevărul newspaper June 20, 2019I am amazed how some think that making a comment means licking and denigrating, and if they are suggesting a lucid and common-sense discussion, based on arguments and experience, they just continue to make a laugh with awe of superiority. As has been said, they are probably just professional commentators. I’m glad that Mr. Davidoni Ciprian took the position in this situation. Iovita Teodor revealed some of the extraordinary effects of DAVIDONI devices. I can also say that I have benefited from the qualities of Davidoni devices or have met people who have had surprising beneficial results. I can say that we have benefited from the deep relaxation and regeneration effect of the Davidoni mask, the energy and protection that the multicomponent octagram offers, the protection of the mobile phone anti-radiation screen. Some of my knowledge also had great results with Davidoni devices. Thus, a friend used the magnetic fertilizer for a lemon that he grew in pots and which never even bloomed. Since the first year she has made so many flowers and then fruit (lemons) that they hardly supported the twisted branches of weight, the lemons that had grown. A friend who used the magnetic bra healed the cystitis (due to the fact that during the first week, the two modules are carried in the bladder and the other in the lumbar region, for the dynamics of the urinary bladder meridian, then the two modules are carried for 40 days in the bra’s cups) and a few centimeters in the breast area completely resorbed. There are many examples and even more spectacular, but we can not post all here. The idea is that all Davidoni devices are patented at OSIM and therefore verified by the competent authorities and awarded at national and international inventions competitions, so they have received this kind of international recognition, in addition to those revealed by us. Iovita Teodor. I also thank John and Ciprian Davidoni for the practical devices they provide us and wish them to receive much health and creativity, still from God, because they deserve it.
  •    Teodor I.SUA, online comment – AdevărulIt’s too late for “Gentlemen” for negative comments to inventor IOAN DAVIDONI and his products. Believing or not believing without experiencing is a logical trap for you. In the USA, two years ago, testing began, validated and sold ALL of DAVIDONI brand products and sales exceeded any expectation. The first remarkable success was achieved by Professor Phil Schwallier at Michigan State University, which proves that an increase in live apple fruits was obtained 18 times higher than normal, studies being made on separate experimental lots. I am the one who ordered it and I am in possession of it, of course, stamped and signed. It is the first fertilizer in the world that stimulates the bioplasmic body of plants that does not contain any chemical compound! In the big universities in the US, the way of working with this type of product was intuited, a conclusion being “Breaking the barrier of photosynthesis” but it has never been achieved! It was the Romanian inventor IOAN DAVIDONI! Here and now! It’s on sale at the Array site for the US, Canada, Australia. In need of the environmental permit for import I presented the declaration of conformity and the safety sheet and the answer was: Can not be included in any regulations the existence at this time in the USA! At this time experiments are being carried out in Africa on banana plantations, in Costa Rica on coffee plantations, in Mexico on avocado plantations. Following studies at Babeş Bolyai University in Cluj and in our possession a 120/100 increase in the wheat quantity with 137/100 an increase in the amount of wet gluten, a 20/100 increase in protein and an increase with 350/100 of silver! There are no results in the world that will be sent for approval on the RECORD BOOK !!! Very soon we will publish the studies proving a direct and undeniable infusion of OCTOGRAMS and CUANTIC PYRAMIDS on human DNA containing magnetite and quartz crystals exactly as in the Davidoni quantum formula! We even have a clinical case. Edward Barbu, a Romanian-American citizen, has commissioned and used the magnetic octagon and quantum water (a product not yet on site) one year before a motorcycle crash. She was in a coma for two weeks at Los Linda’s Roma Linda Clinic. The doctors took blood and DNA samples and found that he had an immune system so big that he did not allow the installation of cangrene !! They met a similar case 30 years ago! His recovery was so fast that his case was seen as a medical record! Davidoni quantum information has come to several NASA specialists, US aeronautical companies and CANADA. Tests are being carried out at 3G, 4G, 5G, and companies interested in the recycling of nuclear waste. For security and economic reasons, they will only be published when they are completed. It’s just a matter of time that these inventions can not be ignored globally by governments !! This man came to earth to teach us something! Its products will introduce us into a new era! THE QUANTUM ERA OF HUMANITY!!
  •    Prof. Phillip S.Tests made for one year, 2016-2017, of the magneto-quantum fertilizer of the Romanian inventor Davidoni Ioan, were a real success.
  •    Eddy T.We have been studying Biophotonics in the USA for 35 years, but the inventor Ioan Davidoni from Romania, through his inventions in the quantum field, made Biophotonics to a new BIOFOTONIC STANDARD, also broke the PHOTOSYNTHESIS barriers, climbing the threshold of Photosynthesis from + 35 ° C at 42 ° C, he has proven that at + 35 ° C the trees collapse energetically and produce no oxygen except to a small extent, and through the quantum fertilizer and the quantum amplifier Davidoni type applied to trees and vegetation the threshold for the production of Photosynthesis rises to 42 ° C. Davidoni’s inventions are Power Light of Live – Davidoni is a hero to his country and beyond.