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Anti-radiation Phone Shield  ®


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  • Warranty: 2 years.
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Effects & applications

It is used for reducing the negative interference that mobile phones, TV screens, microwave appliances and, in general, electronic devices emitting electromagnetic radiation have on the human body.

There is no headache due to the intense use of the mobile phone and eye irritation from the computer monitor.

The info-energy measurements have demonstrated a 120% benefit and a 80% reduction in 80% human interference waves . A 100cm diameter protection field around the screen was measured.

Increases the battery performance of your phone.

It can also be used to stimulate food and water.

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  • Dimensions: width: 3cm, length: 4cm, weight: 2gr
  • Composition: The active substance is a compound of bivalent metal crystals with superior magnetic properties and reduced electrical conductivity, noble metals, stabilizing compounds and oscillating fixation elements. It contains 16 elements in optimal concentration resonance.
  • Patent Invention no.: 123089 / 31.01.2005
  • Made by S.C. Davidoni – Invent SRL Davidoni – Magnetic Products (Registered Trademark)

Product description

The benefit of the anti-radiation screen for humans is 100%; 0% harm.

By means of spectral analyzer measurements, info energy measurements (carried out including a mobile laboratory in England) have found an 80% reduction in electromagnetic and magnetic fields (H and E by using this substance).

The anti-radiation screen was tested in the laboratories: Quantmed Cluj, Timisoara Telecommunications Department, Nokia Romania, Timisoara Territorial Telecommunication Center, Timisoara Cabinet, Timisoara Bioscience Cabinet, confirming the efficiency of human protection.

Aura tests with Resonant Field Images and energy info measurements were also performed.

The anti-radiation screen has a violet aura, acting beneficial in a radius of 70 cm (diameter 140 cm), and the aura of the phone turns green from the gray aura, as it was originally. Raises the user’s vibrational level from a light red aura, to the upper-blue aura.

It is a combination of two inventions. Sacred geometry elements (sacro-symbolic) with multicomponent elements and basic invention make this product an ideal protector for the user, including against psychotronic attacks.


  • Apply next to the battery under the phone casing or directly on the casing.
  • On monitors and TVs it is applied to the screen frame.

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Customer Reviews

  •    Sanda C.BucureștiToday we got a link to something that everyone should give us. We can no longer ignore the negative impact of technology on our health knowledge and correct information are essential today. Fortunately, there are various effective electromagnetic protection variants that we can use to reduce the harmfulness of mobile phones and computers. I have recently discovered the extraordinary products of Romanian inventor Ioan Davidoni, a Man and a Romanian of great value! I recommend you read at least the benefits of using the multicomponent magnetic octagon and the anti-radiation screen . I use them for months to harmonize water and protect against electromagnetic radiation of the mobile phone and I am absolutely delighted with the positive effects I have seen (a high vitality, the taste of the water is better, the phone is not hotter in talk time and I have a more restful sleep although I’m sleeping with the phone beside the bed as an alarm clock). Thanks and congratulations, Mr. Davidoni, for these great products!
  •    Ionel N.BucureștiI bought from you last year, at the Invention Salon in Timisoara, a Antiradations Screen , and this year I had the opportunity to arrive in Croatia at an Invention Salon, where I saw a an invention similar to yours. Kind of a device in which, if you put the phone, it would not emit the radiation until very little. There was an electronic monitoring, and it was possible to see how much a phone was radiating before and after being put into that device. I was curious and I introduced my phone to that device, and the inventor there was surprised that my phone is not emitting radiation. He begged me to put the phone back once again and I could not believe what phone we had. I showed him that I had a Davidini Antiradiaion on the phone and I told him that we have such inventions in Romania for a long time. We provided your contact details and we were glad to have such good inventions in our country.
  •    Anca M.Cluj-NapocaAbout these products I read in the Fire of Life magazine, in a Sunday afternoon. Then I looked a little on the net and thought I’d probably order one or two products. I loved the idea of destroying wi-fi radiation. Interestingly, whenever I thought about products – I felt love. I never had such a thing with some objects. Later I studied them and when I ordered them I thought I found the best combination, the amplifier, the belt and the mask. I was delighted to have received the radar screen for my cell phone and started using it. I put the mask one minute in my face (in my office when I received the parcel), I held her hand until a colleague read the cover and felt nothing. After another minute, my nose began to run, out of the blue I was not cold, but my nose was clogged like a cold. I think my sins have been cleansed. Then everything went back to normal. At home, I installed the quantum amplifier , as instructed on the gas pipe at the power plant, the batteries, and the middle of the house on the northern wall. Then I put my belt and lying in bed to see what I feel. Directly a state of well-being (happiness in me, love is equivalent to receiving energy), instant relaxation after a meditation (which I do not really do). I felt a pleasant warmth on the entire upper body, I had a feeling of reset. Then I put my mask again, feeling happiness, relief and energy all over the body. I have not tried to see what I feel, I just put them when I felt fatigued and they were doing their effect. Then I decided that I also had to have a personal octagon , which I do not want to share with me anymore. Of course I was not paying a courier only for the octagon and I asked for the insoles. With my insoles I have lost any tiredness or rheumatism when I put them. I can not say about gas consumption yet. The octagons of the amplifier have changed the water quality of the taps. The water must be filtered. With octagons – it no longer needs to be filtered, no longer smells / bad taste, it’s like fountain water. I’m waiting for my wrinkles now. Kidding. I use products when I feel the need, not 3 times 15 minutes. Maybe more or less. I’m not exaggerating. I like the products because it helps the energy to circulate, energize me, instantly relax, get fatigue and everything I have said above, and I think I will have other surprises. With great admiration, Anca M.
  •    Florentina A.AradI found you sure at the right time (nothing is happening, I know that) through the radio station – Timisoara, one morning in April 2016. From the moment I heard with my husband about you, I they were convinced that everything you do is beneficial and, in fact, what we are looking for without knowing it … We already have the energizing mask, magnetic octagons, magnetic fertilizer for plants, and the anti-radar screen. mobile phones. Thank God for the gift He made to us through you, and I wish you strength, health and gratitude so that we can continue to work for our good for all!
  •    Eolenil B.comment from the Adevărul newspaper June 20, 2019I am amazed how some think that making a comment means licking and denigrating, and if they are suggesting a lucid and common-sense discussion, based on arguments and experience, they just continue to make a laugh with awe of superiority. As has been said, they are probably just professional commentators. I’m glad that Mr. Davidoni Ciprian took the position in this situation. Iovita Teodor revealed some of the extraordinary effects of DAVIDONI devices. I can also say that I have benefited from the qualities of Davidoni devices or have met people who have had surprising beneficial results. I can say that we have benefited from the deep relaxation and regeneration effect of the Davidoni mask, the energy and protection that the multicomponent octagram offers, the protection of the mobile phone anti-radiation screen. Some of my knowledge also had great results with Davidoni devices. Thus, a friend used the magnetic fertilizer for a lemon that he grew in pots and which never even bloomed. Since the first year she has made so many flowers and then fruit (lemons) that they hardly supported the twisted branches of weight, the lemons that had grown. A friend who used the magnetic bra healed the cystitis (due to the fact that during the first week, the two modules are carried in the bladder and the other in the lumbar region, for the dynamics of the urinary bladder meridian, then the two modules are carried for 40 days in the bra’s cups) and a few centimeters in the breast area completely resorbed. There are many examples and even more spectacular, but we can not post all here. The idea is that all Davidoni devices are patented at OSIM and therefore verified by the competent authorities and awarded at national and international inventions competitions, so they have received this kind of international recognition, in addition to those revealed by us. Iovita Teodor. I also thank John and Ciprian Davidoni for the practical devices they provide us and wish them to receive much health and creativity, still from God, because they deserve it.
  •    Pop F . Baia MareI have been using Anti-Radiation Screen for 2 years for my phone. These people have invented something we all need. Bravo Romanians Ciprian and Ioan Davidoni!